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Thank you for your interest in joining the Womentherapy referral service list.

After we have performed a check of your license you are eligible for a basic listing.
There is a ONE TIME setup fee for the basic listing of $45. A basic listing includes
your name (in bold), your address and phone number, and the link/jump to your
City and zip code.

For each of the following additional items see the corresponding fee - This is a ONE TIME setup fee.

Description (50 words max) $60
Email link $60
Link from your name to your web page $60
Photo (in jpeg or gif format) $100

(Changes are half of the stated fees and $30 for changes to the basic listing.)

For these services please mail a check or money order to:
113 University Place Suite 1008, NY NY 10003 And email the information including your license information to

Womentherapy also provides web page design service – Please email us if you are interested in this option.

*(Note – Excluding New York City rates – please email for details)